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DeVito Law Group

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Serving Employees & Employers

Bay Area Employment Law Attorneys

Founded in 1996 by Gina DeVito, the DeVito Law Group caters to the legal needs of employees and employers in a full range of labor and employment matters. From successfully litigating on behalf of and against multi-million dollar corporations to representing wrongfully terminated employees, we have the benefit of working in both camps on a variety of employment law issues. As a result, our attorneys have a comprehensive understanding of the particular needs and rights of employees and employers on any given legal issue. Armed with that knowledge, our attorneys are best equipped to anticipate and successfully defend against the position of the "other party" and pursue and facilitate favorable resolutions for our clients.

The benefit to new clients? They gain from our knowledge and take away with them the assurance that they are in capable hands.

Our employment lawyers

After many years in practice, we, at the DeVito Law Group, recognize that no two cases are alike. Every client demands and deserves individualized attention and that is precisely what the DeVito Law Group endeavors to provide. Working closely with our clients, we tailor a representation appropriate to the particular facts and requirements of each case. Together, our attorneys work tirelessly to meet client needs and are committed to providing result-oriented legal services of the highest caliber.

Our lawyers offer experienced and responsible advice, counsel and representation to employees, employers and HR representatives throughout the Bay Area and beyond.

The DeVito Law Group provides the following legal services:

  • Representation in State and Federal courts, and alternative resolution proceedings for all employment matters, including but not limited to, Harassment/Discrimination, Whistleblowing, Wrongful Termination and Wage and Hour Claims
  • Advising and assisting employees and employers in connection with claims filed with regulatory agencies, including the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the Fair Employment and Housing Commission (FEHC) and the California Labor Commissioner
  • Counseling employees and employers in all aspects of employment practices including the hiring, evaluation, discipline and termination of employees
  • Advising and guiding employees and employers regarding Independent Contractor Misclassification
  • Drafting and negotiating employment contracts, non-disclosure provisions and confidentiality agreements on behalf of employees and employers
  • Reviewing, preparing, negotiating and counseling regarding Severance Packages for employees and employers
  • Advising employees and employers regarding non-compete agreements and the protection of trade secrets
  • Counseling employees and employers regarding Wage and Hour issues
  • Reviewing, revising and drafting employment handbooks and policies and procedures manuals
  • Investigating complaints of harassment and discrimination on behalf of employers
  • Training business owners, human resources managers, supervisors and employees in all aspects of employment practices, including Sexual Harassment Prevention Training (available in Spanish)
  • Auditing companies regarding wage and hour practices, including exempt vs. non-exempt classification
  • Advising employees and employers about their respective rights and responsibilities regarding disabled employees, including prohibited reasonable accommodations and harassment and the denial to a disabled employee of reasonable accommodations at work
  • Representing employees and employers in litigation arising from the violation of defamation, such as the disclosure of private information contained in employment records, medical conditions and other private matters to an unprivileged source, as well as defamation, including the making of false statements (slander or libel) regarding an individual's professional conduct, performance or character.

Contact the DeVito Law Group to schedule a consultation on your employment law issue.

From its law office in Mill Valley, California, The DeVito Law Group serves clients in Alameda, Oakland, San Francisco, San Mateo, San Jose, San Rafael, Walnut Creek, Berkley, Modesto, San Mateo County, Marin County, Contra Costa County, Santa Clara County, Sonoma County, Napa County, San Joaquin County, and Stanislaus County.

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